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What is it?

With Eliminator, each player receives a (host) specified number of lives, for example 5. Each time a player is killed, they lose a life. The eventual winner is the player remaining after all other players have lost their lives (i.e. 5).

Those of you familiar with UT will probably think it sounds like "Last Man Standing", a game type I didn't know existed until after I started coding Eliminator; from what I hear the principles are similar.

Eliminator may also sound familiar to a standard deathmatch game, but it isn't. The object of Eliminator is not to score the most frags, but to be the last living player remaining. Once a player becomes "Eliminated", they remain in the game but with the following conditions:

  • They cannot pick up or use any weapons (including LAMS), except for EMP and Gas Grenades (this gives them something to do).

  • They also cannot pick up or use lockpicks, medkits, multitools or bioelectric cells, but they are free to use their one lockpick, medkit and multitool that they respawn with.

    Living players will not receive augs or skill upgrade points for killing Eliminated players; therefore they have no reason to kill these players, except to stop them from throwing a gas or EMP grenade.

    Because each player only has a limited number of lives, they obviously need to be more careful with how they play the game; diving right in may no longer be an option!

    When a game begins, there is a 5 minute time limit allowing new players to join and become a living player in the match. For example, if a match has been in progress for 6 minutes and a player joins the server, they will automatically become Eliminated and as such will only be able to use EMP and Gas grenades; this ensures that when players become Eliminated they do not simply disconnect and rejoin the match to get their lives back - it also stops new players to the match getting an unfair advantage.

    Once a player loses a life, they will not be able to idle around and choose when to respawn - as they could possibly wait until nearly all other players have lost their lives. 30 seconds after a players death they will automatically respawn back into play.

    To Team or Not to Team, that is the question... (ed - oh dear)

    As of the first beta release (soon), Eliminator will be non-team only. Once this has been tried and tested I will work on a Team Eliminator.

    Ideas - let me know what you think!

  • If an "Eliminated Player" manages to kill a "Living Player" (with a gas grenade) they will receive a life back.

    This page will be updated regularly with news, bug fixes and further ideas for the Eliminator game type.

  •  Eliminator!

         What about cheaters?

         Eliminator fixes the cabinet bug on all
         maps. Other cheats such as allaugs have
         been removed from all players except
         those logged in as an admin - however, a
         warning message is broadcast to all
         players in the match.
         Also a solution to all "set ...." cheats
         is being worked on, and it is hoped that
         this will be done in time for the initial
         beta release of Eliminator.

     Eliminator - Known Bugs

         None identified yet.

     Eliminator - Future Additions

         Not known at this time.
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