-=-------The Modification for Deus Ex-------=-

Disclosure (c) Face / Face Designs 2002
A Head Rush Production

IMPORTANT: This modification (add on) was not
made and is not supported by Ion Storm and Eidos
Interactive. Face Designs hold the copyright to
Disclosure, but, as per the SDK Licence agreement,
Ion Storm and/or Eidos Interactive are granted the
perpetual, royalty free right to use, modify, license
and distribute this modification in any way they

You are entitled to use Disclosure for your own
use, but under no circumstances may Disclosure be
modified, licensed or distributed by any person
or company outside of Ion Storm and/or Eidos


The Disclosure Modification, Installation Program
and Associated Files have been thoroughly tested
at all stages of their production. Face Designs
recommends scanning any new software/files with
a virus checker before installing and using them.

Under no circumstances, including negligence,
shall Face Designs, associated organisations and
companies, or team members/staff be held liable
for any incidental, special, consequential or any
other damages that may result from the use or
inability to use this software, modification and
associated files (hereon referred to as 'The
Package'). Some states and countries do not allow
the limitation or exclusion of liability for incidental
or consequential damages, so this limitation may
not apply to you. In no event shall our total liability
to you for any damages, losses, and causes of action
exceed the amount paid by you for The Package.
The Package is provided free of charge and thus our
total liability for any damages would be 0.

You expressly acknowledge and agree that the use
of The Package is at your sole risk. The Package
and documentation are provided 'AS IS' and
without any warranty of any kind (expressed or
implied). Furthermore, The Package is
'UNSUPPORTED' by either Face Designs or their
partners. At no time will agents or staff be required
to provide the end-user with assistance with the
installation, configuration or operation of The

This installation software will make changes to your
DeusEx.ini file (Deus Ex configuration file), but a
backup copy of your existing version will be made
beforehand. You are able to uninstall Disclosure at
any time by executing the provided Uninstall software.
This will remove all installation files and return your
DeusEx.ini file to its original state (or as it was prior
to Disclosure installation) providing that you do not
manually modify or remove the Disclosure
configuration files (including DeusEx_Dis_Backup.ini).

Disclosure may only be used with official and legal
copies of Deus Ex.

If any portion of this license is unenforceable, the
remaining portion shall remain in effect.

If you accept these conditions and would like to
install Disclosure, select a link below, otherwise
do not download the Disclosure Demo.

Click on one of the links below to begin the Disclosure
Demo Download (PC VERSION). We advise selecting the
link closest to your physical location.

--> [ UK Server ] (PC Version)